In general metal accessories are the result of a planning and structural conception which is very simple but not less binding for those who, like Accessori Metallici 4x4, has been applyng itself for years to the search of innovating solutions which can meet the more and more varied and wide customer's requirements.

Our customers can rely on a ultradecennial experience and on a very productive and organizing structure thanks especially to the contribution of a technical staff.

In spite of the help of the best technologies of production, human factor is the only and irreplaceable element which has allowed Accessori Metallici 4x4 to achieve great results in the field of footwear, leather goods and clothes.

The building of the new factory and the continuous technological advances have allowed to enhance production and consolidate the firm achieving remarkable results.


The wide range of brass articles, spin and diecast zamak and the numerous finishes of the product make Accessori Metallici 4x4 a firm able to satisfy every need.

Thanks to a close relation of collaboration with customers, linked to the internal flexibility of the firm, Accessori Metallici 4x4 can be quickly adapt to the different needs of the market and to the rapid changes of fashion, maintaining a high quality product and a quick and efficient service.

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